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Neural Regeneration Peptides (NRPs)

The NRPs represent a newly discovered and protected human (mammalian gene family) encoding proteins with highly bioactive and highly potent short stretches of amino acids.

Diagram showing Cell Bridge formation after NRP2945 contact of the co-cultures

Cell bridge formation

Above shows that prior to contact with NRPs both tissues (cortex and thalamus) were completely separated from each other. This photo was taken after NRP treatment and it shows a cell-bridge representing a neural connection (circled) is formed within 24 - 48 hours by NRP action.

The unique properties of NRPs include:

  • Initiation of neuronal proliferation and migration (also called neurogenesis)
  • Promotion of cellular differentiation (including outgrowth of electrically active nerve fibres)
  • Cellular survival-enhancing pharmacodynamic activityDrug discovery platform

Multiple intracellular pathways are activated by the NRPs including the MAP kinase pathway and Akt kinase pathway regulating proliferation, migration and survival.

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