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Benefits of investing in CuroNZInternational Patent Claims

  • Curonz has an international patent portfolio of patent claims directed at neural regeneration and protection regarding the central nervous system
  • Supporting preclinical results showing neural regeneration and protection in relation to the central nervous system
  • Lead compound finished a successful Clinical Phase I study in Melbourne Australia
  • Small Phase II proof of concept study planned for late 2018 in patients
  • Disease targets with promising results include several CNS diseases: Refractory epilepsy in children, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, dry AMD, and peripheral neuropathy
  • Our drug candidate NRP2945 for Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and motor neurone disease are likely to qualify for Orphan Drug status with the FDA
  • Orphan Drug status would enable clinical trials to be faster and more cost effective, as well as other benefits such as 7 year market exclusivity in the US
  • Strong management team with neuroscience and IP experts
  • We currently have offices in NZ and Australia, and are in the planning stages for opening a US based office
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