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CuroNZ is currently in search of additional funding to enable completion of  the preclinical phase of drug development for NRPs, with the particular initial target being targets being Multiple Sclerosis and Motoneurone Disease (ALS).

Since these diseases have few effective treatments, drugs which have potential for the disease are eligible to be  granted Orphan Drug Status by the FDA.

If granted, Orphan Drug status has many benefits including significantly reducing the time and cost of a drug's clinical development.

The other FDA Orphan Drug incentives are significant and include grant money, tax rebates, 7 year market exclusivity of the drug and assistance with the clinical development strategy.

Preliminary Pharmacokinetics and Drug StabilityDrug Stability

  • Research done to date indicates that NRPs have very low probability for human toxicity because the peptide is active in the ng/kg to μg/kg range in rodents
  • Dosing only necessary as peripheral administration with potential long interval dosage
  • Biological efficacy (like improvement of motor scores and attenuation of weight loss during neurodegenerative bouts of disease) can be seen without necessity of time consuming “built-up” drug titres in the blood stream
  • Easily formulated peptide drug that can be stored in freezer

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