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Peer Reviewed Publications, that Curonz's Director, Dr Sieg has contributed to:

  • A. Sajadian, F. Sieg et al., 2015. Anticonvulsive effect of Neural Regeneration Peptide 2945 on pentylene tetrazole induced seizures in rats. Neuropeptides – 49:15-23.
  • A. T. Singh, J. A. Keelan, F. Sieg (2010).  Regulation of trophoblast migration and survival by a novel neural regeneration peptide (NRP). RBM online accepted, 2010.
  • M.J. Bickerdike, G.B. Thomas, D.C. Batchelor, E.S. Sirimanne, W. Leong, H. Lin, F. Sieg, J. Wen, M.A. Brimble, P.W. Harris, P.D. Gluckman (2009). NNZ-2566: A Gly-Pro-Glu analogue with neuroprotective efficacy in a rat model of acute focal stroke. Journal of Neurological Sciences 278: 85-90. Publications
  • F. Sieg and A. Antonic (2007) Alternative Strategies in Neuroregeneration and Neurogenesis. Research signpost edition (book chapter). Editor: Valeria Sogos and Andrea Diana; pp: 27-58.
  • T. Gorba, P. Bradoo, A. Antonic, K. Marvin, D.-X. Liu,  P. Lobie, K. Reymann, P.D. Gluckman and F. Sieg (2006) Neural Regeneration Proteins are novel chemoattractive and survival promoting peptides. Exp. Cell Research.,  312: 3060-3074.
  • J. Guan, S. Mathai, F. Sieg, T. Gorba, M.A. Brimble, P.D. Gluckman (2005). Neuroprotective effects of diketopiperazines, potential clinical application of small cyclic form of neuropeptide following ischemic brain injury. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 25, S54.
  • P. Landgraf, F. Sieg, G. Meyer, P. Wahle, H.-C. Pape and M. R. Kreutz (2005) A maternal blood-borne factor promotes survival of the developing thalamus. FASEB J. 19: 225-227.
  • M.A. Brimble, N.S. Trotter, P.W.R. Harris and F. Sieg (2005). Synthesis and neuroprotective activity of analogues of glycyl-L-prolyl-L-glutamic acid (GPE) modified at the alpha-carboxylic acid.  Bioorg Med Chem 13: 501-519.
  • M.A. Brimble, N.S. Trotter, P.W.R. Harris and F. Sieg (2005). Synthesis and pharma- cological evaluation of side chain modified glutamic acid analogues of the neuroprotective agent glycyl-L-prolyl-L-glutamic acid (GPE). Bioorg Med Chem 13: 519-532.
  • M.Y.H. Lai, M.A. Brimble, D.J. Callis, P.W.R. Harris, M. S. Levi and F. Sieg (2005). Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of glycine-modified analogues of the neuro- protective agent glycyl-L-prolyl-L-glutamic acid (GPE). Bioorg Med Chem 13: 533-548.
  • H.A. Sror, G. Tischendorf, F.Sieg, J.M. Schmitt and D.K. Hincha (2003). Cryoprotectin protects thylakoids during a freeze-thaw cycle by a mechanism involving stable membrane binding. Cryobiology  47: 191-203.
  • W.E. Wilhemi, U.H. Schroeder, A. Benabdallah, F. Sieg, J. Breder and K.G. Reymann (2002). Organotypic brain-slice cultures from adult rats: approaches for a prolonged culture time. ATLA 30: 275-283.Peer reviewed journal articles
  • D.K. Hincha, B. Neukamm, H.A.M. Sror, F. Sieg, W. Weckwrath, M. Rueckels, V. Lullien-Pellerin, W. Schroeder and J.M. Schmitt (2001). Cabbage cryoprotectin is a member of the nonspecific plant lipid transfer protein gene family. Plant Physiology 125: 835-846.
  • T. Budde, F. Sieg, K.-H. Braunewell, E. Gundelfinger, H.-C. Pape (2000). Calcium-induced calcium release maintains the relay mode of activity in thalamocortical cells. Neuron 26:483-492.
  • F. Sieg, P. Wahle and H.-C.Pape (1999). Cellular reactivity to mechanical axonal injury in an organotypic in vitro model of neurotrauma . Journal of Neurotrauma 16: 1099-1115.
  • F. Sieg, K. Obst, T. Gorba, B. Riederer, H.-C. Pape and P. Wahle (1998). Postnatal expression pattern of calcium-binding proteins in organotypic thalamic cultures and in the dorsal thalamus in vivo. Developmental Brain Research 110:83-95.
  • D.K. Hincha, F. Sieg, I. Bakaltcheva, H. Köth and J.M. Schmitt (1996). Freeze-thaw damage to thylakoid membranes: specific protection by sugars and proteins. Book title: "Advances in low-temperature biology", Vol.3, chapter 4, JAI Press Inc.
  • F. Sieg, W. Schröder, J.M. Schmitt and D.K. Hincha (1996). Purification and characterisation of a cryoprotective protein (cryoprotectin) from leaves of cold-acclimated cabbage. Plant Physiology 111: 215-221.
  • F. Sieg, J.M. Schmitt and D.K. Hincha (1994). Cryoprotective leaf proteins: Purification and partial characterisation. Cryo-Letters 14: 1-15.

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