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Our Board of Directors

Joachim (Aki) von Roy

  • Executive Chairman of the BoardAki von Roy
  • 30 years in big pharma - Schering AG, Squibb, Bristol-Myers Squibb. Managing Director, Executive Vice President, President in UK, NZ, Sweden, USA, Germany and Eastern Europe.
  • Last position: President Europe - BMS - 7.500 employees, sales of US$ 2.2 billion, 42 companies/ subsidiaries, (1997).
  • 12 years in biotech - involved in 18 start-up or merger ventures as director and/or investor.
  • Founder CEO of Proacta and CoDa Therapeutics, founding director of Corra Life Sciences (USA), Biomatters (NZ) and White Biotech(AUS).
  • Former chairman of publicly traded companies Genesis R&D and Phylogica and Vital Foods and Phytomedics
  • Venture Partner Biopacificventures
  • Advisor to Direct Capital
  • Former partner of Inventages ( US$ 1.5 billion life science fund )

Dr Frank Sieg, BSc, MSc, PhDDr Frank Sieg

  • Chief Scientific Officer
  • Inventor of NRPs in Germany
  • Project leader at Neuren Pharmaceuticals in developing these compounds
  • Expert in Cellular Neuroscience
  • 16 years of experience in developing biotechnology drugs in Germany and New Zealand
  • Formerly Principal Scientist / Team Leader of Gene Discovery and Invitro Systems at Neuren Pharmaceuticals for 7 years
  • Formerly Head of Neuroscience – Liggins Institute
  • Member of Society of Neuroscience
  • Dr Sieg has 17 peer reviewed journal publications, 1 book chapter and 15 patents in his name

Neisha Voot, BSc, MSc, Diploma of Business Studies

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Registered Psychologist since 1998Neisha Voot
  • Widespread hands-on experience in operational management, psychological consulting, business consulting and human resources
  • Neisha has set up and run her own company for the past 10 years and brings managment, accounts, HR and IT experience to CuroNZ
  • Member of the New Zealand Psychological Society Inc
  • Member of the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology (SIOP)
  • Member of International Testing Commission
  • Member of the American Psychological Association

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